We will take the stress out of conveyancing. 

No Legal Jargon and no hidden extras.

We will walk you through it from start to finish, whether you are buying or selling, and handle all the technical details, while you focus on the decor and furnishings of your new home.

Our costs are capped and all inclusive.  With no hidden extras you can budget your costs with confidence.

We Provide

Professional Advice
Competitive Rates
Prompt & Reliable Service
Caring for You

Why use a solicitor for convenyancing?

 Only a solicitor is qualified to provide legal advice on buying, leasing, or selling real estate.

Legal knowledge, personal service and competitive rates. Are the first three things to consider. 
There is a common misconception that solicitors handle only legal issues, and that conveyancers are cheaper and specialise in conveyancing matters. In fact, a conveyance is a legal transaction. Your solicitor handles conveyancing matters and is the true specialist in that field, and at a price that is competitive with a conveyancer.

 Conveyancing is one of the most litigated areas so it pays to have proper legal advice from the start. The advantages of using your solicitor when selling your property are: 

Face-to-face contact with a solicitor; 
 Legal advice about your agency listing agreement;
 Your Contract for Sale can be tailored to your individual requirements e.g. if you wish to have the deposit released early to purchase another property;
 Your solicitor can provide legal advice, unlike a conveyancer who cannot give legal advice e.g. tax issues, and pitfalls of various clauses in the Contract;
 Your solicitor often handles your other business so can advise accordingly;
 Will provide timely advice if, after exchange of Contracts, things do not go according to plan with the sale;
 Can liaise with others if required e.g. your bank or accountant;
Assurance that you are receiving the best possible advice and service to suit your personal circumstances;
 Professional indemnity insurance to protect you for that legal advice;
Competitive fees.